Have you have stumbled upon this page? Then you are well on your way to finding our hidden easter eggs.

This Easter Larsson & Jennings have hidden over 50 free watches across the site. These easter eggs are hidden in our special Easter collection and are completely free, all you pay for is the shipping.

How to play:

1. Follow the clues to unlock our secret Easter word
2. Search for the deciphered word to unlock our secret easter egg collection
3. Search the collection for our freebie Easter Eggs
4. Add to basket and pay for shipping.


- Only 1 free easter egg product per customer
- Anyone can play
- You will need to pay for shipping
- There are over 50 free products to be found
- The hunt runs until midnight on the 28/04/19


Planning to Take Time Out this Easter? Find your next clue hidden in our blog amongst the botanicals of the home town of our founder - Andrew Jennings.