Introducing Vegan Leather

Certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), our 100% vegan leather bags have been made to respect our planet and its inhabitants. 

Whether its people or animals, we feel it’s our responsibility to support and embrace a cruelty-free spirit that brings us a step closer to a better world, with a design that is as sleek as ever.

Our new collection, Gaia, brings together this strong consciousness with an urbanised character.


Gaia Backpack

Our first vegan leather backpack is an ultra-chic and practical homage to a cruelty-free and sustainable world.

Gaia stands for urbanity, humanity, creativity, and a positive mind. With its minimal aesthetic, handmade quality, and luxury Skandi design, Gaia is a seasonless collection with pieces that will become your everyday favorites.

Effortless and elegant - in the most ethical way.


Gaia Clutch

Our Gaia clutch is your new favourite accessory for those elegant occasions. The sleek design provides enough room for all your essentials with its simple and functional design. 

A timeless black style that works with your wardrobe; set to never go out of season, nor style.